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Incontinence Kegel Devices –  Information, and Product Reviews

The importance of Kegel exercise devices is increasing every day, with more men and women suffering from incontinence problems. Kegel devices are effective in combating issues related to bladder leaks, urinary problems, and improving pelvic floor health. But several questions arise in the minds of potential users, like how much is the cost of these devices? To what extent are these devices effective? What is the best Kegel device to use? Etc.

To answer all these questions, we have prepared a detailed list of the various types of Kegel devices available, along with their functions and the outcome expected from using each one of them.

Types Of Kegel Devices

  • Kegel Weights – Smooth weights that are placed in the vagina. The pelvic floor muscles are squeezed to prevent the weights from falling off. Available in different sizes and shapes like balls, cones, double bulbs, etc. these are cheap and easy-to-use with slight discomfort.
  • Biofeedback Devices – Referred to as “trainers,” it monitors how well the user is squeezing her pelvic floor and whether she is doing it correctly. Relatively expensive but modern designs communicate with the user through a fun mobile app using an electronic sensor.
  • Electrical Stimulation (Vaginal) – Deliver small electrical currents to activate the vaginal muscles. Contracts the correct muscles and performs the exercises automatically.
  • Electrical Stimulation (External) – deliver stimulation through the skin to exercise pelvic floor muscles. It can be used at home and discreetly worn under clothing.

Using Kegel Devices The Right Way

  • Finding the right muscles
  • Perfecting the exercise technique
  • Maintaining proper focus
  • Repeating the exercises at regular intervals

Tips For Choosing The Right Device

We provide the following valuable tips for choosing the right Kegel exerciser –

  • Consider your personality more than your psychology.
  • Look for a fool-proof plan.
  • Check for FDA approval.
  • Keep the physical therapy in mind.
  • Cleanliness should be the priority.
  • Low-tech devices also work.
  • Consider trying something new.

What do you stand to gain?

Through our comprehensive review on Kegel devices, you get the benefit of –

  • Relevant Data – Taking into consideration various factors like specific incontinence problems suffered by the user, pelvic floor structure, etc.
  • Practical Information – Include everyday concerns faced by various users: following the right technique of use, frequency of use, which devices are most suited for specific purposes, cost, etc.
  • General Information – Valuable tips on buying different products, where to buy it from, how to get the most out of such purchase, etc.
  • Savings – Substantial savings in money, effort, and time.

A one-stop solution – readers of our review, need not look anywhere searching for the right information or visiting a store to get the right

Incontinence Kegel Devices – Information and Product Reviews

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